I like Pokemon, Harvest Moon, LotR, Merlin, Game of Thrones, Animal Crossing, Adventure Time, Regular Show, TNG, and some questionable things.



people who breeze through character customization in just a minute or two scare me because i need at least 3-4 hours to make sure my character looks fresh as hell 

I’m thinking that sometime soon I’m going to take a hiatus from Tumblr for awhile. (Not starting today, since I’ve already been drawn in for today.)

It’s just that everyone on this website is starting to get so hostile and it’s stressing me out just reading it. I was gone for awhile b/c I didn’t have internet, and maybe it started sometime then, but I don’t remember it being this crazy before then.

Plus, it’s all I seem to do on my free time nowadays. It’s tearing me away from other things I used to love to do. 

When I first joined Tumblr I used to read, get invested in shows, actually try to finish games, etc. Now I spend most of my time reblogging stuff of the above mentioned instead of actually doing them. I just wanna get back into things.


If my blog survives to the discovery of aliens and I don’t I just want people to know that I fully 100% support human/alien marriage.

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remember when the teacher dragged a tv on wheels like this kind of thing


and you knew it was gonna be an awesome day

is anyone on here even old enough to remember this?

you act like these are from the fucking 1800s omfg

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virtuousaffection asked
Hey! I was just curious to know if your sheltie barks heaps? I'm planning on getting one and I heard they bark heaps? X


Shakespeare barks reasonable amounts, like if the doorbell rings or there is an unusual loud noise outside. He is, however, a weirdo in that respect and I always joke that he just forgot to read that part of the breed description.

Most Shelties do like to bark heaps. Many spin in circles while they do it. 

But if you get your Sheltie young, you can work hard and be consistent, and train it to contain itself from the start. You can teach a Sheltie most anything.

Good luck! And you will see, getting a Sheltie will be the best choice you make in your life :)


Flicker barks at absolutely everything. Any slight noise outside our apartment door, if she sees something outside, if you have food, if I just got home from work, if she wants to be petted, if I look at her a certain way, etc, etc.